About Us


Because all the key processes are completed in-house, Venus Metal Craft can claim to offer the most complete metalworking service in the India. We have vast experience, latest equipment machineries and a skilled craftsmen workforce. That combination makes for the production of quality products delivered on time and too in required cost and budget. Venus Metal Craft offers a One Stop Solution in very high standard of Sheet Metal fabrication, welding and finishing in Mild steel, Galvanized sheet, Stainless Steel Aluminum and copper. We have a wide knowledge in all aspects of the engineering industry.

The service we offer usually begins at the product design stage where we do involve our customers to establish the best design and materials to meet usage and budget requirements. We follow by a prototyping and testing phase prior to full production. The company has cutting, bending, fabrication, painting, buffing and finishing equipment in-house. By being in control of the whole job we can be certain of keeping to agreed delivery times including `just in time` manufacturing schedules.